Unawtuna Beach Break, Unawtuna Bay

Unawatuna is about 5 kilometers south of Galle, its a developed tourist area with a range of package hotels, independent guest houses and restaurants.  Suited to a family vacations and foodies the bay has a shallow sand break and there is a left hand reef break for more advanced surfers. Also a vibrant diving community with a good range of excellent dive points and schools. Unwatuna is  popular beach for traditional holiday makers, sun worshipers (generally in Speedos for some unknown reason), snorkeling, spear fishing and local tour companies. Some great restaurants and bars, Happy Banana night club.

The new man made reef, created  to protect the temple in 2013, has change the wave dynamic in Una but on a good day there is the potential for surf. Best to go with the local school as they will know the nearby points that are working if this one is not.

Dalawella Reef Surf Point

The left reef break is a short ride about 150m on a good day.  Reef, rocks, corral and urchins.

Bonavista Bay Surf Point

Good for learning just on the north of the Unwatuna temple peninsula. 3-5 ft with the right swell.

Closenberg Surf Point is just up the road and north and South Beach and Kabalana are further south.