Talalla Bay

Talalla bay is a beautiful, sheltered crescent shaped cove, fringed by palms and about 2 kilometers long. Close by is the town of Tangalle.

Beginners can learn on the sand bottomed beach break and there is a small reef rear a cafe. Waves are low power fun but close out quickly, still you can get about 150m white water rides. Nice place to relax and forget about everything, not much surfing going on, a couple of nice surf camps that mainly teach in Dickwella.


There is a new beach bar and restaurant that has opened opposite the surf point called “Moon River” at Unakuruwa. Very recommendable as is the restaurant in the middle of Talalla bay, just 3 tables, so don’t tell everybody or you will have to book way in advance.


The main beach at Talalla is untapped for Kite Boarding and has a consistent West and South West wind in the season. You would literally have the whole place to yourself although there are no obvious Kite Boarding schools yet.