Polhena, Sabine Reef BreakSurf Point

Two kilometers from Matara is the fishing village of Polhena. There are a series of idyllic small beaches in the area and some great areas to relax or snorkel in basins created by the reefs. Thanks Melanga for this lovely drone shoot.

The beach is on a sandy peninsula, shallow to a the reef. Like a big bath, its popular with local families. In 2015 Polhena beach was effectively closed due to a Portuguese Man’O war jelly bloom, signs were put up to warn bathers. Because of its location on the most southern part of Sri Lanka where, the Indian Ocean currents meet, the area is a mecca for marine life, and great for whale and dolphin watching.

Opposite the Sabine hotel is a reef break with has both fast left and right handers that holds up to 6ft in a good swell. We would recommend you take local guide and surf instructor from Mahdia Surf Club, Cha Bee as he knows Sabine Reef and Madhia Left, very well.