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Cuts and Scrapes

In this tropical and humid environment, bacteria thrives, cuts take ages to heal and are likely to get infected. Clean for longer than comfortable. Stay on cut watch for infection, red spreading edges, swelling and you are going to need that first aid kit. Iodine solution or Cicatrin powder you can get over the counter in the local pharmacy work well in the tropical humidity, creams not so much. If left untreated and it can spread quickly you could loose a some valuable holiday time to fever or worse. We have been subscribed “Novaclav” a broad spectrum antibiotic seems to be the Sri Lankan doctor favorite.

More detailed tips here.

Download the Surf First Aid App

Surf First Aid from Surfing Medicine International on Vimeo.

Great new app by ML* the chap that make the drone short of Gurubebeila Coconuts. He is after feedback to make it better in future release so download the app and keep in touch.

Ayurvedic Medicine to Boost Immune system

Paspanguwa and Samahan are popular herbal medicines to relieve colds, fevers, aches and pains and boost the immune system. Paspanguwa is a stronger bitter brew and Samahan is a favorably drinkable instant ginger tasting tea.

Local Health Care

Healthcare can be a bit random and as a rule of thumb the more serious your injury the more likely you are going to need to be treated in Colombo (or home) over the local shop. Cuts and stitches are dealt with well, minor stuff. This poor fella had a foot-fin injury. His prescription, wrapped in yesterdays school tests, looked more like something you would expect from a 90’s rave. Don’t forget to get some insurance.