Frequently Asked Questions

Weather Patterns / Surf seasons

Sri Lanka is another one of those tropical destinations with distinct a dry and wet season. This gets slightly complicated as the change of seasons also brings a monsoon to each respective of the island. From May to October, it is the dry season on the east coast or theArugam Bay side of Sri Lanka, with the west coast is being lashed by the monsoon. During the other time of the year, November to April, the opposite applies with the wet season coming to the east coast.Generally the best time to travel to Sri Lanka is between November to March for the west coast, south coast and the hill country. For the east coast the best time is between April and September. This will keep you nice and dry and out of those monsoons. Coincidently this coincides with the surfing seasons as well.Both the ocean and coastal lying regions of Sri Lanka have an average temperature of 27°C all year.

Diving / Best Time

Due to the monsoon seasons, west coast diving and snorkelling is generally best from November to April whilst the east coast waters are at their calmest April – September.

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka

With more than a dozen spots, you will be kiting in heaven. Experience un-crowded sessions! Wind blows at an average of 18-20 knots – 24 hours a day for 7 days a week during our kiting season – May to October. Yes, it sure is Paradise.

On one side of the peninsula is the Indian Ocean: ideal for free-ride and wave riding; on the other side is Kalpitiya Lagoon: perfect for beginners and freestylers. In between: The Puttalam Lagoon, with perfect flat water, it’s great for downwind trips, camping on islands and free-ride. There is something for everyone, allowing you to come in groups with different levels.

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Airport Transfers

Best to organise with your destination accommodation.

Visa Extension

So your enjoying yourself, met some great people, caught some great waves and you now don’t want to go home.

Depending on your country and existing visa you may be able to extend your visa for one month or more. Your visa has to be renewed in Colombo and if you are staying with us or partner hotels we can coordinate a visa run for you. Please let us know and we will do our best to coordinate.