Airport Taxi Transfers

If you arrive late or super early it is advisable to take a taxi or mini van. There are many willing taxi drivers at the airport and you can expect to pay anything between 8,000 and 14,000 LKR to Weligama for example, depending on the car / minivan and how your negotiation goes.

There are some new taxi share Facebook  groups if you wish to pre book or find a share.   /  Facebook Group – SriLankaTaxiShare

Facebook Group – Backpacker Taxi Share Sri Lanka

Transfer to your accommodation.

We always let your accommodation organise your transfer, its just better that way for us not to be in that loop. There is nothing we can do from our side if your flight is delayed or your plans change.

Please add a note to your booking if you wish to book a taxi and we will pass the info on and connect you to the local taxi planner. Info needed:  arrival time,  flight number, name for the driver on the welcome card. You will then need to make sure this is confirmed with your destination accommodation (not us).

The taxi driver will be waiting for you at the exit of the airport with many others, there is room for error with delayed flights. Most of the time their English is limited so its advisable to keep a dialog with your accommodation, and they will keep your driver posted. You will also need to pay the driver in cash.

It is about a 3 to 3½ hour drive from Colombo to Weligama and we are based in Gurubebila, 3km just north of Weligama.

>> from Columbo (CMB) – around 12,500 LKR for a one way trip for 2 people – 2½ to 3 hours to Weligama area

>> from Hambantota (HRI) – is still, even with the highway the same time so we would recommend arrival in Colombo if you are coming directly to us. HRI is good if you are starting near Yala Safari Park.