Airport Taxi Transfers

If you arrive at the airport during late night or early morning hours, it is advisable to take a taxi or minivan to your destination. You can find many willing taxi drivers available at the airport, and they can take you to your desired location safely and quickly. Keep in mind that the cost of taxi services may vary depending on the type of car or minivan you choose, as well as how well you can negotiate with the driver.

Typically, you can expect to pay around 60-70 EUR to reach Weligama, but prices may be higher or lower depending on your negotiation skills. It is always a good idea to discuss the fare with the driver before the ride commences so that you can avoid any confusion later on.

If you prefer to pre-book or find a taxi share, there are some new Facebook groups that you can join. These groups can help you find other travelers who are going to the same destination, which can help you save some money on transportation costs. Overall, taking a taxi or minivan from the airport is a convenient and safe option for travelers, especially during late night or early morning hours.

Transfer to your accommodation.

We always let your accommodation organise your transfer, it’s just better that way for us not to be in that loop. There is nothing we can do from our side if your flight is delayed or your plans change.

Please add a note to your booking if you wish to book a taxi and we will pass the info on and connect you to the local taxi planner. Info needed:  arrival time,  flight number, and name of the driver on the welcome card. You will then need to make sure this is confirmed with your destination accommodation (not us).

The taxi driver will be waiting for you at the exit of the airport with many others, there is room for error with delayed flights. Most of the time their English is limited so it’s advisable to keep a dialogue with your accommodation, and they will keep your driver posted. You will also need to pay the driver in cash there are plenty of ATMs on the way.

It is about a 2½ to 3 hour drive from Colombo to Weligama and we are based in Gurubebila, 3km just north of Weligama.