Ketature Beach, Surf Point

Ketature Beach has a shallow reef break right and left that holds to 4ft. Only works on a big swell with up to 200m rides, not safe at low tide. Intermediate surf break. Reef either side of the beach restaurant, sand bottom entry in the middle. Watch out for a waist deep coral pinnacle and shallow flat reef. Thank’s to Dan & Sunny from Croyde for the pics, that’s Dan on previously unnamed Danagama Left.

4 Ketature Beach Surf Point Sri Lanka Danagama Left

2 Ketature Beach Surf Point Sri Lanka Danagama Left

Finding Ketature Beach

At the end of Abimanagama Road just off the A2 between Gurubebeila and Weligama Harbour. Turning in the middle of a row of shops selling, clay pots with signpost to Cape Weligama. Turn right just after the top of the hill, down the dirt track, it is very steep the last 100m to the beach, if you are in a tuk tuk that cant make it up the first hill, better to walk the track from the sign.

Walk to Coconut Point along the beach

Its a 10 minute walk to Coconuts on the right.

Paddle out to Jungle Beach Right

A short walk to the end of the beach, left if your facing the sea to Jungle Beach Right. Just below Cape Weligama hotel. You can also walk round the hotel from the stairs on Ketatura Beach 15 mins. Easy in reef shoes.

Ketature Beach & Restaurant

New for 2016 KBH now has a beach restaurant close to the guest house. Open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nice music, nice vibes. Great place to have an evening fish BBQ and private party, just pop down the day before if you are a big group.

Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood are no doubt the best things to order. Most of fish are line caught just out the front by the local fisherman. Please ask about the catch of the day, you could even get a barracuda or lobster on menu if you are lucky.

Rice & Curry

They have a unique selection of fish, chicken and seasonal vegetable curries. Vegan is also easily possible. You can order on the day, all cooks fresh so bear in mind it takes about one hour more or less.



Ketature Beach

As a small swimming and fishing bay it is rarely busy although we would like to see more people at the restaurant, it makes a great spot for organizing private events, yet to have a surf-wedding but its the perfect Sri Lankan locations for that.