Dikwella, Hiriketiya Bay Beach Break

Hiriketiya Bay is a 500m beautiful horseshow shaped cove with left reef and beach surf break. It is a perfect place for surf families to stay, catering for beginner to intermediate level. Also the bay is surrounded by some of the nicest villas on the south coast, mid to high end hotels and guest houses. Super quiet location far away from the noise of the main A2 road, turning just south of Dickwella main town. Advanced check out Hiriketiya Bay Reef Break.


The reef break is a peeling left hander on a very shallow reef shallow closer to the coast line. It’s a powerful wave, holds up to 6ft and can gave too a 350m ride round the bay. The point has a small take off area, great for six people but can quickly become overcrowded as the waves work with the swell and can take some time between each set.


The beach break pics up at the reef break wave and can be bigger than expected at times, super fun. The beach break can also be busy if two or three of the local surf schools pick the same day. There are some nice cafes to chill so you can take your time.