Galle, Closenberg (aka Deweta) Beach Break

Galle is more famous for its Fort than its surf points however on the beach the waves are fine for beginners. Clossenburg Beach break is great for beginners of if you want an early morning paddle. One of the better breaks in Galle. Mainly rights in the bay, sand bottom entry, holds to 4ft and about 100m rides.

The bay is overlooked by the Closenberg Hotel (on the right if facing the bay). Closenberg Hotel is an old colonial style hotel with a modern bar/pool areas with weekend parties, easy to find in a Tuk Tuk. Next to Deweta Station.

Being close to the main town of Galle there is potential that the sea is not as clean as some of the more remote beaches, just don’t swallow too much of the water, pollution and run off after heavy rain can be a problem. There are plenty of other sightseeing and shopping options and some of the better and cleaner break at Kabalana are only a 10 minute Tuk Tuk ride away.