Surf Sri Lanka now?

From April 2022 head up to Arugam Bay (A-Bay) in the southeast, their surf season is just starting. It’s not our spot so we can’t advise you but there is a great website with all the info you need.

April 2022 update: You have probably read about Sri Lanka’s economic crisis now. As a country, they do not have enough hard currency to pay for imports so there are power cuts, long queues for diesel, and imported goods shortages. We are keeping an eye on the situation so let us know your plans. For the moment we would not recommend it if you had a lot of remote work, but still great for holidays.

June 2022 update: Sri Lankan people are very resilient and know how to hustle, many places have adapted and it’s possible to travel around. Just manage your expectations of the issues people have. The government have imposed high taxes on imports, so check with your hosts as they will for sure appreciate some things you can bring. Also, make sure your insurance is valid as not all companies will allow this if your home country has issued a travel warning.

Next European Winter Season Winter

October 2022 – April 2023

If you would like to find out about availability, we have a range from budget to luxury places: guesthouses, boutique surf hotels, and villas for groups of 2 to 10.

Last season was busier than expected, much busier, it was quite a surprise. Many more non-surfer tourists so the breaks were still not overcrowded, except for Weligama Bay which is always moved.
With more certainty now with booking long-haul travel, we already have some reservations for the busiest time Christmas and New Year period.

Also with “Surf-Work-from-anywhere”, we are organising long term bookings from Digital Nomads, fast internet and stable power. The co-work scene in the south is developing, with some spaces opening up near the surf.

Please get in touch and we will try and fix your ultimate surf-stay-holiday adventure.

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