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Sticks Break, Kathaluwa Just between South Beach and Kabalana there is a lovely left for advanced surfers. Shallow reef, long boarders and beginners have a deep reef at South Beach…(Read More)

Madiha Surf Point One of the more overlooked surf points in the region. Consistent swell, 350m rides, reef break, intermediate to advanced surfers. The local Madhia Surf Club are perfect for giving you tips on this break, they have all grown up surfing it! Contact them though the Polhena, Sabine Reef page. Check out Marko…(Read More)

Galle, Closenberg (aka Deweta) Beach Break Galle is more famous for its Fort than its surf points however on the beach the waves are fine for beginners. Clossenburg Beach break is great for beginners of if you want an early morning paddle. One of the better breaks in Galle. Mainly rights in the bay, sand…(Read More)

Weligama Marriott Hotel, Sand Bar Opposite the recently finished Marriott Hotel (you can’t miss it) and close to Good Story Surf Camp Restaurant there is a deeper beach break for beginners to intermediates. Paddle out from the hotel beachfront, more powerful than the main beach break with longer left and right rides, up to…(Read More)

Wijaya Beach Right Wijaya Beach is an excellent restaurant on Dallwella Beach, a shallow swimming beach 7km south of Galle, just on the main road between Unawatuna and Thalpe. The restaurant-bar excellent seafood and has a wood-fired oven for super nice thin-crust pizzas. Its a great spot to relax with sun loungers…(Read More)

Dickwella, Hiriketiya Bay Reef Break A lovely intermediate to advance point that really can only cater for a maximum of eight people at once so don’t get your hope up as it is a very popular bay now there have been many articles in international newspaper travel sections. A powerful left hander that holds…(Read More)

Kabalana Beach Break The Kabalana beach break is great for beginners where you can froth about in the white water and a few local surf schools to look after you. There are some more challenging steep left and right on the beach side close to the main point. On the south side of the beach…(Read More)

Kalpitiya Kite Surf Village Kalpitiya is on the north west coast of Sri Lanka on the Puttalam Pennisula. Three hours drive from the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) and four hours drive from the capital, Colombo. Kalpitiya has a lovely vibe far away from mass tourism. Kalpitiya is perfect to learn Kite surfing with a range…(Read More)

Dikwella, Hiriketiya Bay Beach Break Hiriketiya Bay is a 500m beautiful horseshow shaped cove with left reef and beach surf break. It is a perfect place for surf families to stay, catering for beginner to intermediate level. Also the bay is surrounded by some of the nicest villas on the south coast, mid to high…(Read More)

Hikkaduwa Hikkaduwa is one of the most developed  surf tourist towns, originally a fishing village now – busy for surfing and scuba diving are the main attractions. Some good night life if you are after a party. There are a number of local breaks and waves can be 3ft to 10ft when they are working.…(Read More)