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Gurubebila / Midigama, Plantation Point Just on the right of Coconuts there is another reef break with a sand entry. Platations is more forgiving than Coconuts and favored more by beginners moving to intermediate. making it a good first reef break along with Lazy Left. Left and rights, holds up to 4ft with 300m rides.…(Read More)

Ketature Beach, Surf Point Ketature Beach has a shallow reef break right and left that holds to 4ft. Only works on a big swell with up to 200m rides, not safe at low tide. Intermediate surf break. Reef either side of the beach restaurant, sand bottom entry in the middle. Watch out for a waist…(Read More)

Gurubebila Quiet village between between Midigama and Weligama with Surf culture vibe. Very few tourists, just cows, around 70 local families and a cricket team. Its a walkable neighbourhood with hotel bars and homestay restaurants. Guest houses have opened up in recent years so there are plenty of rooms where you can stay away from…(Read More)

Coconut Point, Gurubebila, Weligama Coconut point is a classic A frame point break, powerful peeling left and rights for a 400 m ride. Reef entry point or paddle from the sand on the right. Works best at high tide so generally sunrise and sun set. Usually a friendly local around to give you tips on…(Read More)

Weligama Marriott Hotel, Sand Bar Opposite the recently finished Marriott Hotel (you can’t miss it) and close to Good Story Surf Camp Restaurant there is a deeper beach break for beginners to intermediates. Paddle out from the hotel beachfront, more powerful than the main beach break with longer left and right rides, up to…(Read More)

Midigama, Lazy Left Surf Break Lazy Left as it’s name suggests is a mellow left hand wave on a deep reef that holds to 5-6ft on a good day. You can get some really long rides up to 500m on this one and its mostly a deep reef so fairly forgiving. Great for…(Read More)

Sion Surf Point (Devil Rock) Saturday Sessions from Sion Surf on Vimeo. Outside Sion Surf Camp there is a great intermediate reef break with both left and rights, holds to 5-6ft and 350m rides Pop in to the Sion cafe for pre-surf tips and post surf wind down. All welcome…(Read More)

Kabalana, The Rock, Surf Point Kabalana Main Surf Point or The Rock as its is also known, is reputed to be the best A-Frame reef break in Sri Lanka. Generally it has good power, left and rights with a fast ride of around 400m. Kabalana is more a short board wave, South Beach Point…(Read More)

Weligama Beach Break Sand Beach Break – Beginners Weligama, translated as sandy village, is a great place to learn to surf, about a two kilometre stretch of shallow sandy beach. One of the best places in south Sri Lanka to discover a connection with the ocean and catch your first wave. Get there for first…(Read More)

Weligama, Fisherman’s Reef Looooong paddle out from the mosque, new marina for local fishing boats making it easier and more crowded. One side has a very very shallow reef, better take a local surf guide 😉 Peeling 300m right break that holds between 3 and 5ft, works well in a big swell. 800m paddle out…(Read More)