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It is tricky to rent a room in a luxury villa for one or two nights but it is possible to rent a cabin in a catamaran. It’s a lovely trip and opens up another side to travelling in Sri Lanka. The price per cabin is slightly less than $500 (USD) per night for…(Read More)

Blue Whales come to the area primarily due to the abundant availability of food in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Sperm Wales and Dolphins are common in the waters too. The continental shelf provides an ideal environment for krill and other small fish, the primary diet of blue whales and other whale species…(Read More)

Fisherman Catamaran Surf Breaks Just ask about by Weligama port 4 hour trip including Catamaeran and Crew leaving from near Weligama Harbour can also be used as transport for a dawn raid surf tour. Good for groups 4-6. Not an official tour and at your own risk, but fun if you can get away…(Read More)

Sunset Cruise In Sri Lanka, you can be certain the sun will set at more or less the same time every day throughout the year. Somewhere between 6.00 pm and 6.30 pm. Between December and April, you can get some epic sunsets; watching them at sea is super nice. We have partnered with…(Read More)