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Cricket is a beloved sport in Sri Lanka. The locals including the monks are known for their passion for the game, and it is an essential part of their culture and identity. In front of Lions Rest hotel in Gurubebila there is a large grassy green on the ocean where the locals play matches. Out…(Read More)

It is tricky to rent a room in a luxury villa for one or two nights but it is possible to rent a cabin in a catamaran. It’s a lovely trip and opens up another side to travelling in Sri Lanka. The price per cabin is slightly less than $500 (USD) per night for…(Read More)

Blue Whales come to the area primarily due to the abundant availability of food in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Sperm Wales and Dolphins are common in the waters too. The continental shelf provides an ideal environment for krill and other small fish, the primary diet of blue whales and other whale species…(Read More)

Surf “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” — Jon Kabat-Zinn Surfing The official peak surf season in the south-west, around Welligama, is from the end of October to early April. Winds are offshore making clean waves, swells are consistently good and rain is at a minimum. The season…(Read More)

Local Reef Guiding  Midigama – Weligama For intermediate to advanced surfers that have not attempted the reefs please check with a local guide before you paddle out. Ram’s Right, Kabalana the Rock, Fisherman’s Reef, Jungle Beach Right, Coconuts to name a few are some of the more challenging breaks in the region with shallow…(Read More)

ISA Level 1 and 2 Surf Teacher Training Introducing Tim Jones. Tim is running International Surfing Association Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor courses at Surf School Sri Lanka. These are different from the normal format too as they will take place over 4 days but will also have a ISA / ILS Water Safety…(Read More)

True intermediate surf coaching is very hard to find but at Surf School Sri Lanka we deliver just that. We coach those of you who are riding your first unbroken waves to surfers with far more experience working on turns and technique. Our coaching opens up and expands your surfing. Our season runs from the…(Read More)

Hire a Self Drive Tuk Tuk PLEASE CONTACT THE HIRE COMPANY DIRECTLY! WE DO NOT RENT TUK TUKS. If you’re planning to travel around Sri Lanka and want to experience local life, the easiest way is to rent a tuk-tuk. You can carry your surfboards on the top and take up to three…(Read More)

Yoga Without doubt complementary to a day’s surfing, on a basic physical level is great to stretch out. Yoga improves balance, flexibility, core strength and deepens breathing. Hatha Yoga is the easiest style to find in the region. The connection you will get by being in the ocean combined with yoga practice can really…(Read More)

Beginners Surf Lessons with Lucky Lion’s Rest Hotel offers daily 90 minute surf lessons. Held at Weligama Bay beach break with Lucky our certified ISA (International Surf Association) English speaking instructor with a life time experience surfing and teaching in Sri Lanka. Intermediate tuition is available for the same fees on some of the…(Read More)