Visit a temple

If you have recently taken a long-haul flight to Sri Lanka, it’s possible that you might find yourself waking up at an odd hour due to jet lag. Sri Lanka is surrounded by ancient Buddhist temples, spice plantations, and coconut groves, and exploring these places in the early hours of the morning can be quite magical.

You can walk barefoot in a temple, breathe in the scent of incense and the land, listen to the chanting of morning prayers, and hear the sound of local wildlife preparing for the day. This can be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Afterwards, you can head off surfing for sunrise and catch some amazing waves before the lineup gets too crowded.

Traditionally Sri Lankans visit their Temple on a full moon or Poya day, so if you are staying in a family guest house they may invite you along.

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Visit a Temple Surf South Sri Lanka

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