Kite Surfing

The kite surfing community and IKO certified instructors are based north for Colombo in Kalpatia. It is possible to kite surf in the south west and the beach breaks make great launch points. The land – sea winds pick up in the afternoon, and some bays get a consistent afternoon cross shore winds. Bring your gear for the south west as renting outside of Negumbo area is difficult. One thing about kite boarding is to ensure you learn with IKO certified instructors, it can be pretty unforgiving if it goes wrong.

Kite Board Factories Sri Lanka

There are many obvious things you can purchase from garments, jewelry, silks and spices. However what you might not know is Sri Lanka has the factories for many adrenaline sports brands. Some of the major power kite manufactures: Core, Best, Carved, North and Faith all have bases. Not your sweatshop style factories either as perhaps their corporate videos show.  Best power kites video has with many happy Sri Lankans diligently stitching and assembling.

We are not so sure about big brand surf wear yet, still researching some of the other factories and would only like to promote the ones with ethical supply chains, not to mention developing our own surfer owned ethical brand. There is an organisation, Sri Lanka Apparel, set up specifically for ‘Ethical Business and Manufacturing Practices’ Garments Without Guilt and there are connected labels that confirm what you are buying.

Kite Surfing Sailing Cruise

Take a week kite surfing sail cruise in Kalpatia. Please contact us for more info.