Competitive Stilt Fishing

Gurubebeila is one of the places you can find a friendly local to challenge you to a bit of stilt fishing. You can always find a way to make it worth their while to lend you some time on their family pitch at daybreak or sunset.

Each stilt is carefully positioned in the shallow water, and fisherman perch themselves high up on the crossbar so as not to cast a shadow on the sea, with a plastic bag wrapped around their waists to fill with the fish.

They use a method a bit like fly fishing to lure, mainly silvery mackerel. These fish are delicious when cooked fresh on the BBQ with just a little salt and lemon.

Red Bull Levels, South West

2015 & 16 in Benttota and 2017 in Mirissa. Super fun and taking competitive stilt fishing to another level. Not exactly fishing and not seen this run by Red Bull recently (2024) but was fun at the time.